Fabric Care Guide: How to Maintain Your Hijabs in Good Condition

Many Muslim woman enjoy a collection of beautiful hijabs to wear with all types of outfits. No matter what fabric they are made of, you want them to stay in great condition for a long time. As with any piece of clothing or accessory, the material determines the care instructions. Learn more about the most popular head scarf varieties and how you can maintain them to enjoy for many years to come. 

Jersey Hijab

This viscose and lycra blend of fabric makes for a casual jersey hijab that suits both everyday outfits and activities. The elasticity of lycra makes for an easy and comfortable fit that stays in place all day long. 

If the jersey hijab gets a stain, you can treat it with ordinary stain remover. Then, throw it in the washing machine with similar colours and warm water. A run through the dryer on low heat may shrink the jersey knit fabric, but you can stretch it out again to its original size with a quick low heat ironing or steaming.

Chiffon Hijab

The most delicate of fabrics, chiffon is naturally airy and flowing, so it is a perfect choice for warmer weather and both dressed up and everyday wear. Chiffon hijab come in a wide variety of colours and patterns you can pair with many outfits.

Chiffon is a form of polyester, which makes washing instructions simple. Use a gentle cycle setting in the washing machine with warm water. You may also put these hijab in the dryer on a low heat. The synthetic fabric resists wrinkles, so you can wash it and wear right away. 

Viscose Hijab 

This stylish fabric works well for casual or elegant outfits because it is soft, flowing, and frequently used for lovely patterns and simple colours. Viscose is a form of rayon, so it has a tendency to shrink in a washing machine with hot water.

Hand washing with cold water instead and using a mild detergent is the best to keep the fabric in best condition. Also, if your favourite viscose hijab does shrink, a few passes with a low heat iron or steam should bring it back to new again.  

Satin Hijab

Soft, flowing, and shiny, satin hijabs are popular choices for elegant wear for evenings and special occasions. Since the fabric slides so easily against itself, using an undercap is recommended.

Luckily, satin does not have fussy washing instructions. It can go in the washing machine on a medium setting and in a low temperature dryer. If you need to iron it at any point, only use a very low temperature setting on the non-shiny side of the satin. This will protect the material and preserve its shimmery qualities for a long time.

These four hijab materials represent the most popular that Muslim women choose to wear both every day and for special occasions. With so many colours and patterns to pick from, you can always find the perfect option for your tastes with any outfit. The washing, drying, and ironing instructions ensure that you can enjoy your favourite hijab for a long time while maintaining its appearance and feel.