Modest and Modern:Hijab Makes a Bold Statement In Fashion

As the fashion industry increases its global reach, more international flair than ever before also influences it. Many see a distinct separation between eastern and western styles and ideals when it comes to contemporary fashion. Perhaps no other article of clothing is more discussed than hijabs. Head coverings worn by Muslim woman who adhere to a modest dress code and lifestyle have transcended debate and stepped into the forefront of current fashion. 

Modest wear has long focused on religious observances many places around the world. With increase tolerance and celebration of cultural differences, hijabi, or women who wear hijab head scarves, are being included in western fashion. They have long been a subject of Muslim-dominant countries' fashion, of course, with many styles, fabrics, and patterns to choose from. 

This is not only about headscarves in bright patterns and elegant neutrals, however. With such a large population of women interested in modesty in their attire, large designers and clothing manufacturers have begun to listen. Many strong and confident Muslim woman are representing the fashion industry and asking for more fashion geared toward modesty.

In 2017, the famous industry show London Fashion Week featured Muslim models wearing hijab and other modest wear walking down the runways and printed in their advertisements. H&M ads have featured Mariah Idrissi, a model who proudly wears her hijab to model a pair of sunglasses and a coat. House of Fraser advertises sport-centered head coverings suitable for comfort and modesty during exercise and swimming. Nike has joined the market with a Pro Hijab designed for athletes and for use while engaging in various fitness activities.

One of the most popular examples of modest wear was the recent photo spread of model Halima Aden posing on the shores of her native Kenya. She not only donned a variety of hijab to cover her hair, but also wore catsuits and burkinis to provide full coverage while maintaining comfort while swimming. Prior to the shoot, she had competed in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant also in her Muslim garb.

From the sports fields and arenas of competitions all around the world, to catwalks and photoshoots at the biggest fashion exhibitions anywhere, hijab and other modest wear are making a big impression. When you view the pictures and meet the women who wear a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, you learn more about how fashionable choices affect their decision to wear hijab. 

Now more than ever before, hijab has become an integral part of fashion lines and contemporary clothing options. Since outfits feature maxi dresses, long skirts, long-sleeves, and higher necklines are in style for everyone, women who choose modest wear benefit greatly from the new designs anyway. Add a lovely headscarf to the outfit, and the Muslim women from around the world have an even greater inclusion on the modern fashion world.